Lamolo Beach

Lamolo Beach,

A beautiful beach in Simuk island– south Nias- Indonesia. This beach is Lamolo beach. The beach is about 20 KM surroundings. There is tourism spot ,  there are a lot of tourist had visited this place. We can swimm, sunbathing, and diving, surfing etc.

Lamolo Beach, Simuk Island, Nias Island, south Nias, Sumatra Utara, Indonesia

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Today I started this website in order to show to the world the beauty and the culture of Nias island.

Here some photos of Simuk Island and Tounomo beach.

Simuk Island is the outermost island of Indonesia located in the Indian Ocean and is bordered by the Indian state. Simuk island is part of the local government areas of Nias, North Sumatra province. The island is located in the southeast of the island of Nias with coordinates 0 ° 5 ’33 “S, 97 ° 51’14” longitude.

Simuk island is inhabited islands where most of the population working as farmers and fishermen. But because of its remote location and because of the lack of transportation facilities, many farmers and fishermen are having trouble to sell their harvest and catch fish elsewhere.