Sibaranu and Luluang island

Sibaranu Beach P1370836


Sibaranu and luluang island are the beautiful island in the south Nias island. it has a wonderful view and beaches. Besides that both of the island have interesting corel draw that we can enjoy by diving and snorkling.


Tello island,_Selat,_Kapuas P1380276


Tello island is the central of stone island. It called as stone island because  it consist of 101 islands. Most the islands are tourism spot in south Nias in special and Indoneisa in general. For those visiting this island you can do some activity such as swimm, sunbathing, explore island, adventure around the island and surfing. To reach this place you start your tour from Indonesia if you are western people. After you arrive in Indonesia, you can start your tour from Bali to padang until goes to the North Sumatra or Nias island, Tello Beach- Indoneisia.



Jungle of Gomo Village,_Nias_Selatan Foto0218

Gomo is the oldest village among the villages of Nias island. Gomo has many ancient archaeological artifacts such as megalith and sculptures. Many archaeologists and tourists from many countries visited this village also because of the beauty of the jungle and the amazing landscapes. Gomo is located in south Nias and according to anthropologists it was the first settlement of Nias tribes.

Explore the jungle of Gomo village !!!

Lahewa Beach

Lahewa Village is a part of North Nias regency. There are many tourist attractions in the surrounding area that are easy to visit. One of the most interesting is of course Lahewa beach. Many tourists decide to spend few days in the resort enjoying sunbathing swimming and the majestic view of the beach.,_Nias_Utara DSC00247

Stone Jump

Nias island had ex tradition namely Stone Jump action. a long time, when Nias island there was not government system but kindom system, this stone jump were used to chose the solider and also for those pass jump this stone called strong man. This village is the biggest traditional houses village or Bawomatalu Village. Bawomatalu Village had more than 100 traditional houses.


Lamolo Beach

Lamolo Beach,

A beautiful beach in Simuk island– south Nias- Indonesia. This beach is Lamolo beach. The beach is about 20 KM surroundings. There is tourism spot ,  there are a lot of tourist had visited this place. We can swimm, sunbathing, and diving, surfing etc.

Lamolo Beach, Simuk Island, Nias Island, south Nias, Sumatra Utara, Indonesia